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Civil Litigation

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DEN Legal

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Employment & Labor Law

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Human Services Legal Services

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Municipal Operations

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Prosecution & Code Enforcement

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Media Inquiries

Melissa Sisneros
Public Information Officer (PIO)




Open Records Requests

The City Attorney’s Office (CAO) values transparency in government and strives to comply at all times with open records requests in a timely and efficient manner.

To pay for the cost of processing a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request, the agency custodian may charge for the time spent to research and respond to records requests under CORA. Following the Colorado Revised Statutes C.R.S. §24-72-205(6), agency custodians may charge $33 per hour for researching, retrieving and reviewing records. There is no charge for the first hour of research, retrieval and review of records.

The City Attorney’s Office is not the custodian of records and does not process open records requests for other agencies or offices in the City and County of Denver. Please send requests for records to the agency custodian directly.

The City Attorney's Office accepts CORA requests for records by email at or by filling out the form, below. This includes CCJRA requests for its Prosecution and Code Enforcement(PACE) section.

A CORA and/or CCJRA requests received after 3 p.m., or any day the agency is officially closed, will be considered received on the following working day.

For information regarding fees associated with CORA requests, visit the City’s Colorado Open Records Act webpage below.

Colorado Open Records Act - Fee Policy

Click here to view form.