Commercial / Multifamily Plan Review Staff Directory

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Building, Health, and Fire

General Inquiries

Commercial and Multifamily Building Permits

Note: For applications, resubmittals, e-permits, and general permitting questions, please contact If you have questions about specific codes or your project's review, please use the staff contacts below.

Staff Directory

Eric Browning, P.E.
Chief Building Official

Architectural/Structural Plan Review
Name Email
Allen Yanong, Supervisor
Vince Anderson, P.E.
David Corman, P.E.
Laurie Jessen
Daniel Kane, P.E. 
Daniel Krausz, AIA
Addison MacMahon, P.E.
Jessica McQuinn
David Mier
Keith Morgan, P.E.
Keith Ostrander, P.E.
Keith Peetz, P.E.
David Renn, P.E.


Green Projects Review
Name Email
Christy Collins, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Supervisor
Stephen Sanderson
Kelley Tapia


Electrical Plan Review
Name Email
Carol Pafford, P.E., Supervisor
David Carlson, P.E.
Kevin Lieu, P.E.
Reynaldo Ornelas, P.E.
Kevin Simpson, P.E.
Nancy White, P.E.


Mechanical/Plumbing Plan Review
Name Email
Chuck Bartel, P.E., Supervisor
Josh Armstrong, P.E. 
Danny Boncich, P.E.
Keith Fox, P.E.
Kirk Gallaher, P.E.
David Kahn, P.E.
Bret Pica, P.E.
Naomi Saliman, P.E.


Health Plan Review
Name Email
Christopher Danchik


Fire Prevention Bureau
Name Email
Tony Caro, P.E., Chief Fire Protection Engineer
Michael Stewart, Conveyance Program Manager
David Adams, AIA
Adam Andrzejuk, P.E.
Chris Bartlett, P.E.
Thomas Burdon, P.E.
Youngmi Choi, P.E.
David Hill, P.E.
J.D. Lanz, P.E.
Brian Lukus, P.E.
John Sebastian, P.E.
Richard Tenorio

Commercial Zoning

General Inquiries 

Staff Directory

Name Email
T.C. Bohnet, Supervisor
Ken Brewer
Michael Carnesalli
David Fehringer
Teri Greenberg
Ronnie Jones
Erin Lee
Laura Mauriello
Kizzy Sena
Paula Schmitt
Chad Scott
Anna Valdez

Projects Team (SDPs) - Project Coordinators

The Projects Team and its Project Coordinators provide a single point of entry for most projects and a single point of contact to guide projects through the regulatory requirements in a consistent and streamlined fashion. Project coordinators are assigned for all new construction and some addition and remodel projects, depending on their complexity. Whether you are assigned a project coordinator will be determined at the pre-application/concept review.

General Inquiries

Staff Directory

Use the DevelopDENVER tool to lookup the project coordinator for your address. 

Name Email
Chris Gleissner, Development Projects Director
Leah Guerand, Supervisor
Tanner Axt
Emily Collins
Steve Elkins
Caeli Hill
Tiffany Holcomb
Sarah Kaplan
Jim Larsen
Molly Marcucilli
Olga Mikhailova
Deirdre Oss
Bridget Rassbach
Shelly Rodriguez
Zachary Santen
Stephen Wilson

NOTE: For inquiries about detached homes and duplexes, please visit the residential projects contact page.

Sewer Use and Drainage Permit (SUDP)

General Inquiries

Staff Directory

 Name Email 
Eric French, Supervisor
Brian Benson
Brenda Boeck
Cheryl Booker
Andre De Spirlet
Carla Esquibel-Melendez
Kerwin Nance
Angelo Valenzuela
Anthony Vigil

Site Engineering, Transportation, and Wastewater

General Inquiries

Staff Directory

Use the DevelopDENVER map to find the transportation or wastewater review engineer assigned to your address.

Site Engineering
Eric Osmundsen, P.E., Site Engineering Manager


Transportation Engineering
Name Email
Marco Cabanillas, P.E., Engineering Supervisor
Winton Brazil, P.E.
Mindy Decker, P.E.
Matt Farmen, P.E.
Viktoriya Luckner, P.E.
Christopher Mueller, P.E.
Emily Stephan, P.E.
Melissa Woods, P.E. 


Wastewater Engineering
Name Email
Jim Turner, P.E., Engineering Supervisor
Ken Armfield, P.E.
Danny Harris
Jack Kasprzak
Philip Kim, P.E.
Brenden Marron, P.E.
Zhixu Yuan, P.E.