TOD Strategic Plan

TOD plan cover

The Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Strategic plan is intended to guide the critical city-led actions needed for successful TOD in Denver. Since the 2006, TOD Strategic Plan, multiple stations have been planned needed infrastructure improvements have been identified. Multiple city departments and agencies have policies, goals, and strategies that broadly and specifically address TOD. This strategic plan does not revise station area plans or alter long-standing TOD and policies; rather, it focuses these multiple efforts into a concise work program for the city.

Strategic Planning is an important step to successful TOD implementation for several reasons:

  • Station area plans have identified needed, but unfunded, investments
  • Barriers to TOD implementation exist at multiple stations
  • Stations are at varying levels of market and development readiness for TOD
  • The city has limited resources to implement TOD
  • Alignment of City departments’ approaches to TOD improves implementation efficiency
  • Some station areas best suited for near-term TOD may require focused financing strategies for needed investments

Read the executive summary(PDF, 5MB)

How to Use the TOD Strategic Plan

Denver’s TOD Strategic Plan provides a foundation to guide public and private investment at rail stations. Residents, business owners, builders, and public employees can use this strategic framework to eliminate or reduce barriers to TOD, create realistic financing plans, and direct growth and investment to rail stations with the best opportunity for development.

The TOD Strategic Plan contains both city-wide, high-level policy recommendations and on the ground, station-level action items with the intent to foster implementation of TOD at rail stations and support the development of transit communities in Denver. As a strategic plan, this document is intended to facilitate the implementation of existing recommendations and projects identified in adopted city plans, including Comprehensive Plan 2000, Blueprint Denver, neighborhood plans, and station area plans.

Read the TOD Strategic Plan(PDF, 27MB)